October 2014



Do you know where your elected officials stand on education? The environment? Healthcare? Social Security? How about national service?


All too often, our elected leaders are silent on national service because they don't view it as an issue that matters to their voters. This has to change.


That is why we are excited to partner with ServiceNation in launching a new effort called National Service Voter. If we are going to elevate national service as a critical issue for our country, we need to stand up and identify ourselves as National Service Voters.


We've stood up and added our names -- will you join us? [http://bit.ly/NSV-NARSVPD] 


You and I know that AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members play an absolute crucial role in addressing our nation's toughest issues -- many of the same ones that are seen as a high priority by our representatives. We need to ensure our elected officials and candidates running for office know this too and see national service for the national priority that it is.


Declare yourself as a National Service Voter today! It will take less than a minute. [http://bit.ly/NSV-NARSVPD] 


We're proud to stand with ServiceNation in this effort along with our fellow partners at the National Senior Corps Association, the National Association of Foster Grandparent Program Directors, AmeriCorps Alums, and Voices for National Service. Together, we will showcase the broad support that exists for AmeriCorps & RSVP across our great country!


Thank you,

 Betty M. Ruth

 NARSVPD President

NARSVPD Meets with OMB

Last week NARSVPD President, Betty Ruth along with our
Betty Ruth with Treasury Sec Jack Lew and Wendy Spencer
Washington Representative, Gene Sofer and CNCS staff had the opportunity to meet with Martha Coven, Bethanne Barnes and Melissa Bomberger from the Office of Management and Budget, as well as Jonathan Greenblatt from the White House Office of Social Innovation to discuss FY 2016 Budget Justifications.
In our presentation we reminded the committee that RSVP  is the largest volunteer program within the Corporation for National and Community Service, provides opportunities for people 55 and over to make a difference in their community through volunteer service, and offers maximum flexibility and choice to its volunteers. It matches the personal interests and skills of older Americans with opportunities to help solve community problems.
In 2013, RSVP efficiently deployed 300,000 volunteers, 55 years of age and above, in more than 38,000 community organizations, across the nation. NARSVPD included about a half dozen examples of high impact projects...from disaster preparedness to tax counseling, to falls prevention. 
Finally, Ms. Ruth reminded everyone of the Administrations Statement of  Policy about the GIVE Act, the precursor to the SAA. That Statement said "The Administration has called upon Americans from all walks of life to take part in civic renewal, and is therefore pleased that H.R. 1388 also would expand and improve service opportunities for seniors. In particular, the Administration applauds the responsible and balanced introduction of competition into the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, which would better position the program for expansion.
SAVE THE DATE - September 9-11, 2015

The 2015 Foster Grandparent, RSVP and Senior Companion Directors Training event will be September 9-11, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, Virginia.
The room rate will be $159 per night, but the committee is still working on the conference registration cost which might be higher than San Antonio  due to the high cost of this area.  There is free transportation from the Dulles airport to the hotel.

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